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Pegasus Shuttle Scheduling

Pegasus Shuttle Transportation uses state of the art technology to create a dynamic experience for our customers. Our clients have access to our scheduling system which allows them a litany of features to aid them on every step of the way. Catching a ride for employees has never been easier! Check out our features below:

Interactive maps

Our mapping system gives clients an exact location of where they will be picked up. For our users we include an address, a small description of the pick-up location and even an image of the location. Powered by Google’s powerful Map system we make sure that all of your employees are on location on time!

The interactive maps feature is used mainly for our employee shuttle pick-up/drop-off services and is trusted by big companies. This system can be adapted to fit any regularly scheduled event including multiple-waypoint trips and programs.

24/hr a day service

There are many ways to keep in touch with us during your service. We provide customer support and information by our friendly, customer experience trained specialists on our phones – call 1800-US-PEGASUS and we will be happy to answer your questions.

With our integrated news platform you can rest assured that your current needs are being met. Any event that may change your schedule, any special scheduling needs that you may have can be broadcasted instantly via our news network system. During Hurricane Sandy, Pegasus Transport provided an excellent and much needed service to transport our client’s employees to their newly relocated offices which were scattered throughout Manhattan.

If your query has not been met feel free to use our contact us page and the next available representative will answer you promptly.

Want to tell us how we did? Please use our Survey and Incident Report systems to meet your needs!

Dynamic Scheduling

To our client’s employees we provide a detailed, easy to use system which allows them to access their pick up information quickly. We provide an accurate schedule of pick-up and drop-offs which allows even late employees to find another shuttle and get to work! Want to go in early? Have a late meeting? Pegasus Shuttle provides more time slots than any other shuttle company, oriented towards our client’s demands.

Sms updates

Why do large corporations trust Pegasus Shuttle to transport their employees? Because we provide excellence! With our ever improving system, we devise innovative ideas such as our SMS update system. Sometimes our client may have a quick schedule change or may want to remind their workforce of an upcoming event schedule, with our SMS update system we can send out a mass text to your employees or guests, informing them of any new changes!